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Mark Smith

I have always loved music from as long as I can remember. From the very first time I heard my next door neighbour playing his piano, just sitting there listening to him, and then bugging my mother to get me one of my own!

( sorry mom !) 

I just had to play, and learn, and it was infectious. I never skipped a day of practice, playing everything I heard on the TV and listening to countless albums of music. I went on to sing in bands and even joined a cruise ship for a few years to learn my trade as a musician, which was so much fun, and a great insight into the music business. I have constantly been inspired by the music and sound textures used in film and tv. The way music can tell a story, from the epic nature of blockbuster themes, to the minimal use of sound and foley to create a story and support a narrative. 

And so I set up my freelance work as a composer and producer, working with advertising companies, film companies and gaming production companies. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Hightower Video on their wonderful advertisements as seen on Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV and many more digital and online platforms, and also with Nicole Seymour from Anamiltech Ltd on there great children's applications and games, plus P2 Games. 


 If you are in search of custom music for your production, sound design, foley, please drop me a line anytime and lets discuss how I can bring your story to life. Lets make your project everything it should be and more ...

Mark Smith Composer -

Composer for Film, TV, Advertising and Multimedia

Sound designer and Audio Restoration

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