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Luke Cairns - Hightower Video

Mark and I work regularly producing custom music tracks for TV adverts going on ITV, Channel 4 and other major broadcasters. Mark is a fast and highly creative collaborator - as well as being highly musically skilled! highly recommended

Nicole Seymour - Anamiltech Ltd

I hired Mark to compose songs for Pacca Alpaca, our flagship children's language learning brand to use in a series of animated videos. I had worked with him many years ago on nursery rhyme songs for an app and remembered he was very talented, efficient and collaborative. And after having worked with Mark on this latest project, he is WAY more than that, he was simply amazing! Mark gives 150%, he is completely responsive and accommodating to ensure the client's brief is met and where the final product is actually elevated above the brief. I highly recommend working with Mark and already looking forward to our next project with him which is about to get underway ; )

Pete White - Vocalist

Mark is an outstanding musical talent, not only as an MD but as a producer and gifted vocalist. He is also a very approachable person who is willing to assist others. If you are someone looking for a music producer or arranger look no further than Mark

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